Take one of the short ends of your rectangle and begin to roll it up like a swiss roll; however you do not want the rose to look like a log so to create a bud pinch the base end as you continue to roll the fondant length around itself. This should create a basic rose shape.

Finding easy wedding cake decorating ideas can sometimes be as easy as visiting your local craft shop. Basically, any item that is small enough to fit on a cake can be used for decorations. For example, if you are having a Las Vegas wedding and have decided to give your guests a miniature deck of cards as the wedding favor, incorporate this into the cake. Open the deck of cards and line them evenly all around each layer of the cake and top it off with a pair of sun catchers that are 24 kt. gold plated with a crystal in the center and are designed to look like the Jack of Spades and Ace of Spades playing cards.

Your wedding cakes designs can be simple, elegant, and inexpensive OR they can be as fancy, as intricate, and as over-the-top as you can imagine. The decision is completely up to you and the size of your budget.

One can decide to decorate each cake individually as well. If you decide to put one on each guest table, you can make can make them with each guest's name specially written on top!

The machines are built as 2 metal towers, with a hot wire running between them, connected to an electronic power supply. Once turned on, the hot wire will melt the foam just in advance of contact, moving in X and Y axis directions, thus cutting the foam shape. The machines are made for 24-hours continuous operation with cutting speed of us to 20”/a minute.

Ask around and try to find an at-home baking specialist with solid experience. Such individuals can often bake fabulous cakes & desserts; not to mention they'll likely have the cheapest wedding cake prices around. Before committing to any service, be sure to sample the work and also ask about any of their references.

A nappy cake although so called is in fact not edible it is a stack of nappies that have been made to look like a wedding cake and is very unusual. You can have them in blue, pink or neutral white and they are beautifully decorated. Every tier of the nappy cake is made from rolled nappies that are placed together and then decorated with newborn gifts. Every tier will have less and less nappies until the top tier is formed, which will usually have a larger gift on it. The design for this perfect baby shower gift is so simple but has a great impact. You can have the gift personalized to your requirements and if you are aware of the sex and even the name of the baby then this is perfect.

The Eye candy rival in the shape of a wedding cake is the only threat the bride has to contend with on her wedding day in looking good. Wedding cakes have become an essential decoration at wedding venues where guests still excite themselves over how splendid the wedding cake is. Choosing the right cake if done scrupulously is as easy as walking down the aisle.