*If you are not accustomed to working with fondant icing or have not made roses before then make sure you buy enough fondant for several attempts- practise makes perfect.*

Many people dread the cake segment of a wedding because they often have to wait in a long line to finally get a piece of the dessert, taking a large amount of time out of the celebratory festivities. With cupcakes that are placed on the table and put in individual boxes the guest has their dessert right on the table and they have the option to enjoy it now or save it for later!

Before, cake designers had to cut their cakes by hand, but now they can use a hot wire foam cutter, creating a memorable finish for a special day. Using the machine as opposed to a manual cut will result in much more precise shapes, fast and accurate cuts, thus saving time and money. Having to supply the cake to its small details, cutting the cakes by hand and meeting streaked deadlines are not easy tasks, resulting in frustration and feeling of overwhelming at times. This is where owning a foam cutter can be a life changing experience.

A simple cake with just a few decorations and a basic design is far less expensive than a 5-tier cake with intricate designs and a ton of decorations. By keeping the cake simple, you keep the bill low. (And remember, simple does NOT have to mean bad!)

If you are concerned about the environment then you can choose to have your nappy cake made from biodegradable nappies, which are perfect for the new mom to use. Whichever style of nappy cake you prefer can be made easily for you. Whatever you decide on for your newborn gifts your nappy cake will look fantastic and be the talking point of the baby shower. You can find these gifts in some baby stores or for a very personalized feel, you will find them online. You will be able to add as little or as much to your nappy cake as you want. If you are feeling creative, you can build one yourself and this will be fantastic to save money and give it your own personal twist on your friend's newborn gifts. Whichever way you decide to do it the expectant mother will love the nappy cake and often they are inclined to keep it looking perfect for some time.

The texture and flavour of the cake itself is important so when out shopping don't hesitate to ask for cake sample flavours. Some bakery shops will be only to willing to oblige.

During your wedding reception, your family and friends will all see your wedding cake, and will expect that it is appropriate to the couple, beautiful, and, of course, delicious. But how can you be sure that your cake meets everyone's expectations? There are enough elements of wedding planning that require attention. Instead of letting your wedding cake be another issue to worry about, simply decide on what type of cake you will want, then let an artful and skilled baker that makes specialty cakes in Atlanta take care of the design and preparation for you.